Intriguing, colorful, evocative of the mutable cycles of nature.

Teresa Camozzi’s award-winning work imparts beauty and inspiration for healthcare facilities, hotels and corporate environments around the globe.

For more than 30 years, Teresa has responded with innovative solutions for art commissions, successfully partnering with architects, art consultants, and designers. 

She brings her vision to life through various media — two-dimensional and three-dimensional art that can be free standing, mounted or suspended as mobiles. From intricate small works to dazzling 7-story installations, Teresa creatively interprets the need of both the space and her clients.


Teresa Camozzi’s unique color theory and nature-based imagery offer observations and interpretations resulting in art that has proven to be provocative, site-appropriate, colorful, and it is said “healing”.  Dedicated to ecology, Teresa relates the transience of nature and culture in most of her work. 

Creating site-specific artwork for thirty years, Teresa includes painting, photography, and sculpture singularly or mixed, for installations enabling healthcare, hospitality, corporate, private and public collections internationally to garner timeless works of art.

Her interest is materials and process is never ending including the most modern technology often printing her images on various substrates for mobiles and bas-relief wall sculpture. 

Her to-scale 2 and 3d maquettes communicate all aspects of her art commissions for architects, community leaders, and other design professionals granting all involved the opportunity to cultivate the most fulfilling distinctive artwork possible for each site, from the intimate to the monumental.

From Kaiser Pernamente to Florida Hospital Orlando, from the Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and the Garden Hotel near Shanghai, Teresa Camozzi has been globe-trotting to create major art commissions.

Teresa’s innovative solutions expressed in many mediums has enhanced the experience of hundreds of sites internationally.

Artist’s Statement

My work addresses the fragility of our environment, its beauty, and its desecration.  My core belief is that the beauty of nature lifts us toward a higher state of spirituality and consciousness; by basing my art in the mathematics of nature I seek to achieve a balance of mind and heart. My objective is to guide viewers in attaining inner equilibrium so they may make wise choices in their everyday lives and to encourage a greater sense of environmental unity.


Nature’s order has fascinated me all my life. I have studied it as a form of sacred geometry as seen in the dynamic symmetry of Greek and Egyptian art, the structures of humans and plants, and the five regular geometric solids. Above all, I regard the human skeleton as my primary motivational source.  It is my belief that artwork must resonate most acutely with our corporeal nature. The skeletal structure is our own individual architecture.  My art becomes a physical metaphor for achieving a balance between individuals and society, passion and intelligence, instinct and reason. 


As a mixed media artist, I am skilled at contrasting several mediums to present lush images and surfaces that unify the artwork’s statement.  My materials include: photo-based encaustic wax and oil paint, transparent paintings on acrylic panels, large-scale chiffon banners, Duratrans film in light boxes, embedded objects in polyester resin, and digital prints on a wide variety of substrates. 

Nearly all of my work references the library of original photographs I have been accruing over the decades.  The materials and techniques I employ are produced alone or in combination to create rich installations with vivid color and texture.

Understanding the relationship between natural and built environments is a key aspect to how I generate my work.  Installations designed for the five libraries of the City of Plano were developed in collaboration with the Poet Laureate of Texas, Alan Birkelbach, and with the cooperation of several committees.  Each library piece relates directly to the city’s history, from its ranching background to its place as a contemporary boomtown.

At the Mills-Peninsula Women’s Health Center in San Mateo, California, I created mixed media wall sculptures that are visually and symbolically linked to a waterfall that flows from the fifth to the fourth floor, metaphorically connecting the elements of sky and earth.  I used Northern California imagery of nature as a source of inspiration for healing within.  In Indianapolis, at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sacred Walk is a series of digitally-printed chiffon banners that move with the atrium’s ambient air currents.  The piece evokes a meditative journey that befits the Catholic hospital’s spiritual roots.  


My recent work includes public art commissions, corporate installations, and site-specific pieces created for hospitality and healthcare facilities.  I conceptualize with architects, art consultants, and art commissioners, then collaborate with fabricators, city planners, architects, and the community at large to develop artwork that addresses the needs of the site.  My work has been well-received locally, nationally, and internationally, while I continue to seek new methods and media for manifesting the ideas and experiences that express our shared human experience.


Let’s Work Together